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type selection was approved by caltrans. we have 100% design completed. the constructability and review is currently underway by webcor/obayashi. we awarded the contract to towns and management and plans is have been approved by caltrans. the study report and fact sheets have been prepared and submitted to caltrans and the construction documents preparation continues and we're at about 50% complete. on the downtown rail extension we had a huge milestone in that the metropolitan transportation commission adopted a phase 2 funding strategy. we're now in the pipeline and we continue to work collaboratively with caltrans and high speed rail. they have approved our train platform layout. drawings have been finalized and submitted to the fra on the project. on the archaeology, very successful program. we have cataloged about 20,424 artifacts to-date, we were awarded a or recognized for or archeology achievement at the 2012 california preservation design awards. it's currently at caltrans's headquarters in oakland, california. as you know the big topner 2012 was the find of the colombian m
project specific wins, two to highlight, mtc naming the downtown extension of caltrans, as two regional priorities. 500 million committed to the transit performance initiative. this is super important. something that tilly helped generate advocacy. this will allow investment in the urban corridor to make our existing transit infrastructure their work better, trying to identify bart and muni project that will provide more reliable and faster service. also the recent update funds, san francisco transportation plan. this helped develop the prop k expenditure plan. hitting on the ground. it is being done in parallel with the regional transportation plan; the regional transportation plan is giving us feedback and we are providing feedback to both the current plan in the next one down the pike; we just finished one and are already starting the next one. i can move a bit faster now. you can see in the timeline in many cases the authority was the first on the scene to start a new trend. one of the things we saw back in 2002-03, we needed money for neighborhood transportation plans, particu
but their nesting days are under. how caltran hopes to lure them to the new span coming up next. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. at new york life everything we do is to help you keep good going. kpix 5's kiet do says toxic vapors have been found at the company's offices >>> it seems one of silicone valley's dirty little secrets is coming back to thaunt haunt the giant google. toxic say portion have been found there. >>reporter: we're sitting across for from a site where decades ago, toxic chemicals were put into the grown. >>reporter: they are known as google builds qd6 and 7. problem began when construction allowed air to seep up from undergrounds. >> there has to be repairs to the foundation and that's how vapors may have been created to potentially migrate into the building. >>reporter: it turns the out the building sits on what used to be a semiconductor. the companies used a chemical to make chips. they dumped solvent into the ground. the normal range is 5 micrograms for cubic meter. the google building thating had help to 8. the employees were exposed for se
of site on the beams for years now. kral trapc -- caltran has tried to move them. >>reporter: on bridge, there's in colony of bird. there are up to 400 nests hidden along a mile stretch of the bridge. >> they like it here. they like that bay bridge. they have been here for 20 years. >>reporter: when the bridge is dishand ed the -- dismantled, the birds will love their home. caltran saw this coming and spent the money to build these condos in the bridge, where the birds can make a new hope. >> we haven't observed any movement yet. >>reporter: birds of a feather are picky about where they block together. >> it is frustrating. >>reporter: last year, caltran started wooing the birds. they wouldn't be budged. >> we decided to get creative. >>reporter: lauren is. >>what ed charged with getting in the minds of birds. >>reporter: here's a view you would never see. we are at the underspelly. workers are installing 16 speakers here to protect the sound of mating. >>reporter: talk about love birds. that is the sound of population. workers are wiring the bridge in time for the mating season, which
at corner of brian street and highway 38 and this is where caltran has blocked off all traffic northbound because crews are still searching for bodies. according to c.h.p., many of the passengers were thrown from the tour bus. >> a tour bus went off the road a pickup destroyed, victims belongings across the country side. this is the scene where eight people died. according to california highway patrol, the bus was leaning big bareheaded southbound down windy highway 38. >> a tragedy. it is probably one of the worst collisions i've actually witnessed if my career. >> the national transportation and safety board is investigating alongside c.h.p.'s multidisciplinary accident investigation team. the coroner spent the overnight carting bodies away. from the air you can see the size and magnitude of the crash site. >> from the ground we can explain how the accident happened. according to c.h.p., the bus first rear ended this black saturn and it lost control and starting rolling down the highway 38 here and it hit this white trailer which was being hauled by this blue pickup which is now just a
and this is where caltran has blocked off all traffic northbound because crews are still searching for bodies. according to c.h.p., many of the passengers were thrown from the tour bus. >> a tour bus went off the road a pickup destroyed, victims belongings across the country side. this is the scene where eight people died. according to california highway patrol, the bus was leaning big bareheaded southbound down windy highway 38. >> a tragedy. it is probably one of the worst collisions i've actually witnessed if my career. >> the national transportation and safety board is investigating alongside c.h.p.'s multidisciplinary accident investigation team. the coroner spent the overnight carting bodies away. from the air you can see the size and magnitude of the crash site. >> from the ground we can explain how the accident happened. according to c.h.p., the bus first rear ended this black saturn and it lost control and starting rolling down the highway 38 here and it hit this white trailer which was being hauled by this blue pickup which is now just a heap of twisted metal. >> we want to make sur
,000 pounds and survived. a san jose man injured in a railroad construction accident is suing caltrans. he doesn't know if he will ever recover. he knows what happened to him cannot happen to anyone else. we have george in san jose. it has been four months since the accident, george. >> reporter: jose salazar used the word amazing several times. all he has been through and a coma, you can say is amazing. he was in a coma for about a month. jose had a fractured skull, broken back, broken ribs and punctured lung. on his birthday, the railroad worker woke up. amazing? call it a miracle. salazar doesn't remember anything that day in november when a 39-foot long and 1,800 pound steel track smashed him in the back and pinned him to the ground. he was fixing the track north of the caltrans station. >> what happened for a couple of months? i did not know anything until i woke up. >> reporter: he is suing cal trains for not providing a safe environment. his workers did not use proper procedures or equipment. >> it was supposed to be happening. i think they are making a mistake. >> reporter: the rec
bastida found the twisted metal a few hours ago. >> reporter: we asked caltrans if they knew where the crane was, they told us officially no. they had no idea where it was. so we went looking and actually found it about 200 yards behind their complex over there in oakland. if you take a look at the video you can see it's a pretty big twisted piece of metal. you know, indicative of what happened yesterday. and they are still trying to get to the bottom of it officially. they have a number of inspectors looking at it. we also found some people from american bridge floor the company involved in the mishap. the contractors if you will looking over the structure and trying to figure out what happened. i speak to andrew gordon at caltrans today and he told me that no work will be done until this inspection and investigation are completed. >> my understanding is that right now, the contractor is working with the coast guard. it's unclear whether osha has become involved or what stage they will become involved and i'm sure they are going to be look at e
shelters sea birds but their nesting days are numbered how caltrans hopes to lure them to the span. >>> and a little bit of a chilly start. a warm finish, though. warm for february anyway. the entire forecast coming up as we look toward the old suspension span of the bay bridge. stay tuned. left off. >>> hard to spot any clouds out there, toward the golden gate bridge, nothing but blue and the oakland airport cam and look back toward the city, nothing but blue. >>> what caused the crane to . >>> a new crane is now going to pick up where the old one left off. you remember that crane that toppled over last week. it was working on the new bay bridge. well, what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it toppled over and that metal piece was part of the bridge's temporary support structure called false work. nobody was injured and the bridge was not damaged. that incident will not delay the labor day weekend opening of the new eastern span. >> that's right. when crews st
warbler is up there and when caltrans says they will be bringing her down. >> facebook says it's been hacked. what the company calls a sophisticated attack. and what it means for users. >> many of you would give today's weather a like, sunshine temperatures in the low 70s but we're going to see some rainfall soon. mount diablo looking good. highs near 70s. found out when highs will be in the 50s coming up next. get 36 months interest-free financing and save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but only through presidents' day at sleep train. than the governors before him. victed killers >>> more murderers are leaving prison under jerry brown's watch than the governors before him. the 470 convicted killers recommended for parole last year, brown let 80% of them go. he okayed 82% the year before. by contrast, arnold schwarzenegger's parole approval rate was 25% and gray davis allowed just 2% of the recommendations stand. >>> facebook said today it's been hack
riders. it is called the bart. caltrans is extending 10 mi. from pittsburg, bay point station to hillcrest in the city and antioch. the new bart trains have new environmentally friendly technology. >> they will be environmentally positive. you will be able to board the board in the city of antioch and trans for here near the pittsburgh bay point station. we are excited to do this. >> anyone who has driven on high way 4 cannot wait for the expansion for to be finished. the work on the extension began back in 2010. the board plans to launch the new service in 2017. >> copper thieves, growing ever more brazen, are now being blamed for snarling traffic across the bay area. now the feedthesives are starting meter lights. kron fours rob fladboe has details. >> caltrans crews cannot keep up with the thieves. they are driving around at night scouting for the junction boxes. they pull the wire and sell it to scrap dealers for $4 a pound. >> in some cases the leiter damage and must be replaced it cost $35,000 per light. not to say that there is a negative impact on traffic. >> caltrans
for south bay drivers. cal-trans crews on the job here along highway- 85 this afternoon in san jose. copper wire thieves are blamed for stealing the wire and disabling metering lights at several locations along highway 85. the metering light here at almaden expressway and highway- 85. has been dark for two weeks. and many drivers are saying, traffic is worse here now, especially at rush hour when those metering lights help to control traffic flow. copper wire is selling for upwards of $4 -dollars a pound. to discourage the thieves, cal-trans is now switching to less- valuable aluminum wire. and burying the junction boxes which tell the thieves where to look. metering lights at highways 237 and 101; at blossom hill road and almaden expressway to highway 85; at highway 87 south to highway 85 south; isabel avenue to i-580; and mission boulevard to i-680 south developing tonight -- a huge shock today for the one billion catholics around the world. pope benedict is retiring. something a pope hasn't done for nearly 600 years. the 85-year-old cites age.and fatigue. it's not what the cardinals call
the caltrans on ramp. and all of a sudden we've got people showing up writing checks, digging weeds, breaking rocks. so, i got a real -- we got a real experience of what it means to be in a neighborhood because we took this -- we turned into a neighborhood. that's the power of that project. so, i never anticipated it would do that. (applause) >> thank you very much. >> i just wanted to make sure everyone understood where it's located. it's located in dogpatch, small neighborhood on the bay in san francisco. (applause) >> part of district 10, supervisor cohen's district. (applause) ♪ >> certainly i'm weeding in front of my house, wait for people to show up with check. [laughter] >> get ready for that, deposit with my phone there. next is an award that i think, you know, ironically it's become one of those buzz awards for nen awards. i'll be walking down the street and have someone come up and get in my face, we're going to come back neighborhood of the year, you watch. come back neighbor of the year, it's that bcs of the nen awards. and it's my honor to introduce someone who to drone deuce t
on with caltrans revenue. your specific question, caltrans did a poll of sales tax in that area and so now they are rethinking what they are going to be doing. they did do a poll of possible sales tax . >> that is where it comes state and federal funding. so they are looking for some kind of local thing and that would be very difficult in the three counties, because the three counties look at it very differently. thanks. anybody else? anything? thank you very much. >> mr. chairman, no members indicated that they are interested in addressing you on this matter. so it's before you for agency. >> each we have a motion on this to support? >> so moved. >> second. >> any discussion? all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> item 14 authorizing the director to enact a small business enterprise bonding and financial assistance program on federally-assisted contracts including establishing a surety bond reserve fund and obtaining a letter of credit or alternate collateral for small business enterprises on the federally-assisted contract grams i'm virginia harmon and i manage the small busi
bridge this weekend caltrans says expect richmond bridge, caltrans says expect delays. they labeled it closed on westbound i-80 on the toll plaza from now until monday morning. the work will continue through march 5th. >>> shares are growing. reporting more than $300 quarter of a million dollars, linked's stock price chimed more than 20% to chose above $150 a share for the first time. and they provided a spark on wall street as they finished up. gained 48 points, it is the 6th consecutive week stocks ended higher. >>> google's executive chairman is set for a huge windfall. he plans to sell more than 3 million shares. at the prices it works out to about $2.5 billion. he would still have an investment with more than four million shares. it gives no reason for the sale. >>> we are following developing news on the east coast. a powerful blizzard is moving into the forth east right now. forecasters say the worst of the storm is still to come. we are live in boston where people are being told to stay home and stay off of the roads, chris? >> reporter: that is right. you got that right. t
are on the lookout for copper thieves who are causing problems for bay area commuters. caltrans says thieves are tearing out copper wiring from metering lights, traffic signals, freeway signs and street lights all across the bay area. 5 -- 59 lights have been vandalized. only 18 have been rewired. the repairs are not cheap. it costs $35,000 to fix one meter. caltrans is using aluminum wire instead of copper and putting some control boxes underground. >>> tonight, b.a.r.t. is holding the first of a series of community meetings to discuss a new law that would severely punish b.a.r.t. criminals. the new law would implement a man up to one year for riders who deface property or are violent. the law is scheduled to go into effect in may. >>> a new $1 million reward has prompted hundreds of tips to searches searching for fired los angeles police officer christopher dorner. miguel marquez joins us live from los angeles as the manhunt continues. good afternoon, miguel. >> reporter: hi, how are you there? yeah, the police are announcing that the tactical alert for the los angeles police department ha
on our web site. caltrans locking to stop a copper caper costing taxpayers millions of dollars. over last year, vandals have stolen copper from 59 meters at $35,000 per signal. is a problem they're dealing with all over the state. >> we've had to spend $37 million just to replace copper wire. here in the bay area, we spend about $2 million every year. it's $2 million that could be used to fill pot holes or do other number of tasks. >> caltrans is fighting back and starting to use aluminium wire instead of copper. >> city leaders are trying an alternative approach, using dogs to scare away the geese. the city is worried about the big mess caused by 250 geese. their waste can be dangerous for kids. in the first week chasing away about 40% of the geese sou don't see any geese there right now. it's going to stay on the job wan open ended contract to chase the geese until they have none left. >> if you're a dog that is a good job. >> the warriors getting ready to suit up with a new look. >>> in the abc 7 news newsroom at 6:00 putting an end to one of the worst bottle necks. the final phase of
will have the reaction from across the nation and in rome. >> caltrans riders can expect delays of up to 30 minutes because of a wreck that happened this afternoon at 2:30. there were not reported injuries. right now, caltrans is single tracking through san bruno until the accident site is cleared. >>> a federal investigation finds palo alto school district mishandl mishandled a child as complaints of bullying. >> the district is vowing to do more training and implement more training so it will not happen again. the investigation surrounds a special needs student that attended one of the three middle schools in the district in 2010. the stoontd and family km complained that the student was called stupid and slow and was teased and felt physically in danger. the office for civil rights decided that the school did not respond effectively the on notice that the student was a harassed by peers based on a disablity. >> maybe, 10% of the calls could be a bulliying nature. most people say, i will keep my child home, they are afraid to send the child in. they do not feel it's safe. >> palo alto sup
systems will be on regular schedules today including caltran, vta and muni and the exceptions exceptions b.a.r.t. which the on the saturday schedule and ac transit which is on a holiday schedule. >>> what a weekend it was. >> take credit for it my friend because it's about to change. >> would you quit saying it's nice weather. we need rain. it's on the way. not today though. i think a nice president's day outside. a few clouds making their way into our skies this morning but you can see the cold front, at least the first part of it beginning to move into far northern california. it's going to take a good day before it gets down here. we will see clouds from the system as it begins to slide in later on. expect a partly cloudy afternoon around the way area. temperatures if you're headed out the door r this morning, a little chilly in the spots. livermore checking in at 39 degrees. and 39 in santa rosa. by the afternoon, the highs are going to be cooler today, not as warm as the weekend. the highs generally topping out in the upper 50s along
be to blame. a live look at traffic along interstate 280 in san jose. caltrans says they are causing millions of dollars in damage across the bay area and creating commuting headaches. jodi hernandez is live in castro valley. jodi, that area has been hit really hard, too. >> reporter: it really has, jessica. i'm standing at the entrance of highway 238 and 580 in castro valley. now these metering light message signs should be lit up at this hour but, as you can see, they are dark. it's all because of copper thieves. those copper crooks are causing commuters some major driving delays. you're looking at a scene that's become all too common in the bay area. crews working to replace and repair copper wiring along bay area highways. caltrans and its workers can barely keep up. >> we get reports almost every day of another sign or another group of lights that isn't working. >> reporter: and that's causing major traffic headaches adding to the gridlock throughout the bay area as electronic message signs and metering lights go dark. >> i know you have any kind of significa signal lights down or meteri
: the welding, the digging, and the pulling, all part of a caltrans project to repair faulty sensors under bay area freeways. we first told you last summer, most of these devices don't work, which means those times you see on the electronic message boards are not reliable. >> i would like it to be fixed. i always trusted that service. >> reporter: caltrans depends on these sensors to collect vital information in order to get billions of dollars in federal grants for freeway construction projects. we traveled along interstate 680 here, and found none of those electronic message boards working on this day. we've obtained the documents revealing that caltrains is spending millions of dollars repairing tracking sensors that feed information to those signs. >> this is something that we take very seriously. we want to have as many of them up and running as possible. >> reporter: caltrans confirms, it is spending $21 million to fix the faulty sensors. that's on top of the 60, to $80 million it has already spent installing them. she commutes where she spends much of her time driving to emergency calls
's day holiday so call caltrans -- caltrans taking a break this morning. a lot of mass transit will be on a modified schedule. b.a.r.t. and muni on a saturday schedule. and ace train is offering regular service with no delay. that's traffic, back to you guys. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez returned to his home country early this morning. tv says chavez will continue his treatment at a military hospital in caracas. he has not spoken publicly since he left for cuba in december. >>> it's not clear what led former country music star mindy mccready to take her own life. she was found dead on the front porch of her home. her death comes a month f -- after her boyfriend killed himself on that same porch. she had a number one hit in 1996 called guys do it all the time. she was 37 and leaves behind two sons. >>> the olympic hero known as the blade runner has canceled all of his upcoming races because he's charged with murder. he's accused of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home in south africa on valentine's day. there's word t
been left confused by missing lane divider lines. the markers were removed by cal-trans crews working on the roadways. new tonight at eight. kron 4's charles clifford explains why. and when they may return. this is video i shot while merging onto southbound interstate 80 from 7th street in san francisco thursday afternoon. notice anything missing? the lane lines are gone. there's no white lines or reflective markers seperating the lanes or marking the shoulders. there is a vague outline of where those things used to be, but it's hard to see. what happened to the lines? well, earlier this month caltrans started resurface the roadway along this portion of interstate 80 and the central freeway, which connects 80 to market street. the work required removing the lane lines and reflective markers. apparently the plan was to replace those things immediately, but the cold weather that hit the bay area mid month delayed that work. this is a google earth image of what the roadway looked like before. the lines were in rough shape then, but at least you could see them. now, they're almost complet
coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >>> caltrans working to repair damage done by thieves that makes our commutes longer and more dangerous. copper thefts are hitting caltrans and drivers hard with more and more criminals stealing the metal. ktvu's rob roth has the two changes they are making to try to stop this problem. >> reporter: you can see where thieves struck. this is highway 242. the copper wires that was inside this box have been torn out, the light is off and the top of the light twisted. metal thieves are strike leg over the bay area -- striking all over the bay area. >> getting worse. >> reporter: and expensive. they will replace the boxes today off 880. they spent $2 million a year to repair damage by metal thieves in the bay area alone. >> could be used to fix pot holes, fix guard rails. there lot of things we could use it on. >> reporter: someone selling copper could get $3 a pound. many centers can tell if wires game from a government agency. >> distinctive different where we can recognize as being from a government like caltrans we c
. caltrans crews like this one can't keep up with the thieves who are simply driving around, usually at night, scouting around for these half-buried junction boxes near the metering lights. they then pull the wire from the conduit and sell it to scrap dealers for as much as $4 dollars a pound. in some cases, the light is damaged and must be replaced to the tune of $35-thousand dollars per light to say nothing of the negative impact on traffic without those lights. but caltrans is fighting back. by cracking down on those who buy the stolen copper, by asking sellers where it came from. and by doing replacing the copper wire in those metering lights with less vauable aluminum wire and by burying those junction boxes and conduits to make them harder for the thieves to find. caltrans is also calling on drivers to report anything suspicious. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> bay area residents experiencing pain at the pump. as gas prices continue to soar. a gallon of gas is now averaging. more than four- dollars. kron 4's justine waldman spoke with experts. who explain when these high
it will be pretty mild 60 oakland, 58 hayward, 56 downtown san francisco, 59 at fairfield. i checked with caltrans and we have chain restrictions still in effect 4 highway 50 as well as 88. drive cautiously if you are headed up there we have the potential for isolated snow showers throughout the day. we'll be dry thursday into friday under mostly cloudy skies. 7 day around the bay forecast shows stable weather for the next couple of days. high pressure will break apart friday night into saturday and that will bring the opportunity for a cold front pushing in. it could bring light rain and north of the golden gate bridge. it is looking like a 10 percent chance again this is for our roof they communities during the dry by sunday, partly cloudy conditions with temperatures below warmer as we start the next work week. 6:18 a.m. and here is george. >> little change in the order of things, we are looking at developing hot spot on the nimitz freeway. this is 880 and the northbound direction. of st. we had word of an accident are originally reported as a minor incident but is still rock blocked the right-
was sitting on a barge with the neck crash add cross the water. caltrans says it was removing a section when the accident happened. roger ladwig was on the phone in his office when a loud noise caught his attention. >> it just kept going. the crane was gone. the scaffolding just falling over, just fell off the bridge, on to the barge. >> dave says members of yacht clubs raced over on their boats to help. thinking that someone mau be hurt. >> skies were here. they got into their boats immediately like in 30 seconds. nobody seemed to be hurt. so they came back. >> caltrans says someone must have been in the cab. >> my heart got -- was racing a little bit. i thought someone was going to get hurt. >> caltrans says it should not delay the bridge opening. >> process has been set back at least this afternoon and perhaps, longer. that is a month-long project. >> back when the original bay bridge was build the accepted formula waswóm
. i'm going to switch over to a map that has been provided for us by caltrans. i will show you the area and closer detail. this is highway 1 01, this is woodside road and highway 84 where it crosses. frontage road runs along here and then turns out to become a seaport road. it is right here with this accident occurred so the possibility exists that it is closers days emplace traffic could try to exit woodside road or mars road and back up on highway 1 01. that is likely the only traffic impact that we will see that could possibly turn this into a hot spot. in the meantime, of traffic continues to move well through the area. >> temperatures right now at the free it was the mark and vallejo. 34 santa rosa. chilly start to the morning, warmer conditions and not as would be as we head into the afternoon. i will have a full details of your weekend forecast including the potential for some rain coming up in just a bit. >> we have been following is rolling out to buy protest right now intemperances go. all for an effort for this this to remain credited. >> i am in the administrative b
. >> reporter: it's a mystery for a lot of different agencies looking into this. we talk to caltrans today and asked for a closer look at the structure, the actual crane that fell. they said they didn't know where it was. so we went looking ourselves. and guess what, we found it about 200 yards behind their office over in oakland. you can see the twisted metal from the crane and how much force must have been applied to get it to break break. we found some employees from american bridge flor who are up on a second crane looking at the cable that was used in moving some of that falsework down off the bottom of the bridge. we talked to caltrans' spokesman andrew gordon. he told us it's an investigation that's going to take a while. >> my understanding is that right now the contractor is working with the coast guard. it's unclear whether osha has become involved or at what stage they will become involved and i'm sure they are going to be look at everything in terms of the equipment to the workers who were out there kind of what the various steps of the prot
see snow is blanketing the area there. for those hitting the road to tahoe, caltrans is requiring chains on both 80 and highway 50. >>> and stay with the 10:00 news bill will be back at 10:20 with another look at storm tracker 2 and tomorrow's forecast. >>> about 150 people marched in the streets of san francisco tonight to protest an alleged act of police brutality. ktvu's p atti lee is live. >> reporter: if not for the rain. protesters might still be here who were guarding the station just a few feet away. 18-year-old kevin clark is the latest poster child in the campaign against the alleged police brutality. at 24th and mission two weeks ago, this video shows what some say police were using excessive force pushing clark's face into a a storm drain. >> an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us. >> reporter: people whaled against the san francisco police department for failing to punish the officer. while clark faces resisting arrest. a san francisco police spokesman says the two officers acted propertily to apprehend kevin clark who was in the process of violating some
year in the bay area alone, vandals have stolen copper from 59 meters, caltran it has only been able to replace 18 because it takes three or four months to repair them and it costs $35,000 for each meter so caltran is hopefully ending the thefts by changing from come per -- from copper wiring to less expensive aluminum wiring and they burying the equipment and make it less accessible to the thieves hopefully to deter them from trying to steal it. >> it is 6:06. developing news, sovereign -- southern california is on edge over the manhunt of an accused cop killer with $1 million award leading for his capture as stores chase sighting the he is a former h.p.d. officer and wanted if the kill insurance of three including a riverside police officer who will be honored at a memorial service today. in big bear his truck was found with two assault rifles inside, and children returning to school amid heavy security. >> we learn more of the man accused of sexually assaulting and killing a 13-year-old in fairfield. a sheriff deputy served conference with a restraining order a few hours after the
as a result. >> cal-trans is working to stop a copper caper that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. thieves tear out valuable copper wiring to power meter lights and traffic signal. vandal stolen cop frer 59 meters in the bay area and keep in mind that's at a cost of 35 dollars per signal. problem cal-trans is dealing with all over the state. >> last seven years state wide we have had to spend about 27 million dollars just to replace stolen copper wires. here in the bay area the 9 county bay area we spend about two million dollars every year. >> that two million dollars could be used to fill pot hole or fix guard rails or do any other number of task. >>reporter: cal-trans is fighting back. started to use aluminum wire instead of copper. less expensive and therefore less attractive to thieves. maybe that will get them to knock it off. >> i hope soil. spencer is here with the forecast and you can not ask for better start to the week. question is how long will this continue. >> go for awhile. it will be like spring and then all of a sudden winter comes back on us. live view r
could see 70-degree temperatures this >>> caltrans says it's seeing an increase in theft of its copper wiring in the bay area. the problem was evident today on highway 242 in concord. someone had removed the copper wires there housed inside a meter box cutting power to a nearby metering light. caltrans has seen 59 similar incidents and is spending more than $2 million a year to repair damage by metal thieves in the bay area alone. >> that could be used to fill potholes, to repair guardrails, to clean up graffiti. there are a lot of things we could use that $2 million on. >> caltrans says it is making its meter boxes more secure and is switching to less valuable aluminum wiring. >>> bart has new power, a new law gives the transit agency the ability to ban people from its system. bart held the first in a series of meetings tonight to educate the public. >> reporter: at a community meeting tonight bart officers and officials answered questions about assembly bill 716. the new law allows bart to ban passengers who commit certain offenses on bart property. the penalty can range from 30 day
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